About us

We know you're on the lookout for the next big investment. Guess what? So are we.

A branch of—a social discovery site for finding games—Tingbits aims to help NFT gamers find the best games, this time, on the blockchain.

The blockchain can be a scary place to be. We know because we've been in it since 2017, looking for projects with the best potential and—who are we kidding—the best ROI.

We also know how risky it is out there. There's frauds, rug-pulls, hacks, Ponzi schemes, the possibility of losing your private keys, and people who right-click save your NFT profile pictures. (Ugh.)

We want to help you navigate the space with news, and guides on everything we've learned so far. Plus, with our up to date list of NFT games that's powered by a lightning-fast search engine, we want to lead you in the right direction and make it as fun and simple as possible.

We also hope to build a community where you get a voice on future updates and freely discuss the games you've played. You know what they say, it takes a village to…raise your crypto-portfolio!

We're going TO THE MOON! And we hope to see you there!