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Binance Smart Chain
We aim to build a gameplay where players can continually obtain new characters and weapons to explore the immersive open-world environment, making the joy last forever. In essence, the game is free-to-play and is monetized through a game mechanics through which players can be together and build an ecosystem that they would have never done in the real world, at the same time actualize the Social Contribution Basic Income (C2E).Users who do not understand blockchain (do not have a wallet) can also play for free, just like in the previous games. The community will help you if you want to enjoy the fun even more. In the Bounty Kinds’s world, contribution level will be replaced by a “Combat Achievement” presented by a number.Our mission is to bring people from various cultures, in either real world or the Metaverse, together and empower them to make this world better. All the games in Bounty Kinds share the same mindset, use the same “point” that is numerated based on the level of contribution. Bounty Kinds games universe is a combination of a bunch of game genres such as board games - which allow players to explore the MAP, role-playing games (RPG), shooters games (FPS), battle royale games( TPS/FPS), etc.
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