Clash of Crypto

Clash of Crypto

Binance Smart Chain
Imagine for a moment playing a videogame where you have fun while obtaining tokens as a reward, a real game, fully playable where you can have fun and enjoy like you never have done before in any other NFT Game. We aren't talking about just making a few clicks on the screen or anything like that, a real game where you will be able to spend a lot of hours enjoying and making profit. Would you like it? For this reason we came up with the idea of creating Clash of Crypto, a strategy game, where you build your own primitive tribe of cavemen and dinosaurs, where you will be able to attack other people tribes and even join other group of players to form and create your own faction. Everything is made with a primitive age style and it will be released for mobile devices and PC. All of this sounds really good right? All buildings and characters will be NFTs, even the land which you will need to obtain to start playing. And with public developers who will give interviews to everyone who wishes and be public from the beginning.
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