Moonpet Legend

Moonpet Legend

Binance Smart Chain
Moonpet Legend is an RPG game that has an idle theme which is currently a trend and is very profitable for the bsc market. The idle theme is one of the most popular themes right now due to its very easy-to-play system. Moonpet Legend is a combination of various types of games in the world that have very interesting gameplay and good game designs that will spoil players to get an excellent gaming experience. Moonpet Legend game tells the story of aliens who attack the inhabitants of the earth led by an alien boss named ZETA. The player has the task of collecting pieces of scrolls and bringing them to the moon. In there, players can use the hexagram on the condition if they have pieces of scrolls that have been collected into one to summon a legendary pet that has has enormous power power than pets on earth. Players have a mission to stop and defeat the aliens who will rule the earth with the abilities of the summoned pets.
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