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Sands of Araya

Sands of Araya

Sands of Araya (SoA) is a sci-fi themed racing and surviving game built on the Polygon Blockchain, where players play and earn NFTs and tokens that can later be used in the game, traded, or sold in the secondary market. SoA is inspired by the classic Star Wars Racer, the dystopian Mad Max franchise, and the extremely fun Super Mario Kart. With a few different game modes, a huge world map, and several different ways to experience the multiplayer and solo player environments, Sands of Araya's main focus is to provide the player a frantic, engaging and rewarding gameplay experience. In SoA, players complete missions and goals while racing and surviving the hostile environment. They can find weapons, skins, and utility items for their ships in the form of non fungible tokens which can be exchanged on the game’s marketplace or in secondary markets.
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