Space Hunter

Space Hunter

Binance Smart Chain
Space Hunter Metaverse, is not just a mere virtual universe but an MMO-RPG with 3D open space with beautiful graphics built on Blockchain platform and supported by NFT technology. More than just a game, players can earn rewards for enjoying their time here. Join Space Hunter you will fight with your friends, fight against the evil army to regain the independence of the planets and build a community to grow together, share experiences, explore the unique world and have real ownership of their game assets. We have solutions to these problems and we will change it by enhancing the gaming experience: earn money, own real assets while immersing and interacting with the vast 3D space. We work with developers with Play-to-Own to enrich the economic model for sustainable growth. Players have many different ways to play and own: in-game activities, airdrops for Genesis Stakers, etc. The Space Hunter ecosystem is constantly building and developing, putting players at the heart of the economy, which makes our products special in the market with diverse, competitive and attractive gameplay. . We do our best to bring the community of people with top blockchain super diverse gaming experiences to play and play and earn.
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