A play-to-earn battle-royale game, Gods of Asgard, has launched its first playable demo. The game has received a positive response from gamers as of this writing. Although the full game won't be out until July, Asgardians are already hooked on the demo.

The Game

Gods of Asgard is a Norse mythology-themed P2E NFT game powered by Thor Financial on the Avalanche blockchain. Inspired by Elden Ring, GoA offers an immersive gaming experience to its players. The game is a Player-versus-Environment (PvE) battle royale game featuring 3D modeling graphics. It offers a unique combination of NFTs, decentralized finance (DeFi) and AAA gaming to all players.

In the vast open world of Midgard, the players, or rather Asgardians, will battle, survive, and earn. Asgardians will mint a God NFT, which will serve as their playable character in the game. At the moment, Odin, Thor, Freya, and Heimdall are the four main characters available. Each God has its own set of attributes and combat abilities. The NFTs will be distributed according to a rarity system, with Odin having the rarest and strongest abilities, followed by Thor, Freya, and Heimdall.

Other features of the game include the ability to summon new generation NFT characters. The players can also sacrifice or burn their existing NFTs to upgrade characters to higher tier levels. Other than that, NFT owners can rent out their characters to aspiring new players with a profit-sharing scheme. The primary goal of the game is to integrate the utility of NFTs as playable game characters while still allowing players to keep full control and ownership of their in-game assets and earn rewards for completing game tasks.

Gods of Asgard Mint

Gods of Asgard will include a dual token architecture, with $THOR and $ASG as the in-game native currency. The primary currency awarded to players for their achievements in the game is $ASG, an ERC-20 token. Asgardians will be able to buy, sell, and trade the $ASG token on the Avalanche network's decentralized exchanges (DEX). Last May, $ASG was made available to the general public.

Moreover, the Gods of Asgard use the Thor token ($THOR) as a governance token. $THOR is an ERC-20 coin that cannot be acquired by playing GoA. Holders of $THOR will be able to vote in the game via snapshot voting. According to Thor Financial's post, they plan to add more features that use $THOR in the future to provide extra utility and reward players that excel in leaderboards and tournaments.

The number of $ASG tokens a player can earn per win is determined by his character and rarity level. Legendary (Gen 0) rarity is obtained through minting, while Common (Gen 1) rarity is obtained through summoning.

Legendary mint chances have been modified to the following to support the reward structure and economy, according to Thor's Financial page:

  • Odin — 4.44% mint chance
  • Thor — 13.33% mint chance
  • Freya — 36.66% mint chance
  • Heimdall — 45.57% mint chance

Thor Financial's first branch, Gods of Asgard, plans to bring a new utility and revenue stream to the GameFi sector. They also plan to increase innovation with future integrations with specific Sandbox metaverse plots and by increasing their development team. This will ensure that Thor Financial's solutions are interoperable and have a unified ecosystem.

About Gods of Asgard

Gods of Asgard is a project that focuses on GameFi and NFT innovation, to become a pioneer in assisting gaming's transition from a source of entertainment to a legitimate source of money. According to the game's roadmap, it is still in Phase 1. As of the moment, the Gods of Asgard team is still working on the final touches in preparation for the full game's release in July. You can check Thor's Financial webpage for the latest game updates and developmental progress.