Multiplayer role-playing NFT fantasy game, Heroes Lineage, is putting 8,000 of its Generation 1 (GEN 1) Hero Chests on sale. The presale will launch on June 29 and is accessible on their official website.

The team behind the game announced the upcoming presale on its website and other social media platforms last Thursday, June 17. All announcements highlight the dazzling 10% discount on every pre-order.

Each of the GEN 1 chests offers higher chances of getting better heroes than all common chests. The 25% chance of getting uncommon heroes rose to 60%. Other hero rarities - rare (13%), epic (6%), legendary (0.08%), and mythic (0.2%) get significant boosts to 28%, 10.2%, 0.5%, and 0.3%, respectively. Moreover, all heroes from GEN 1 chests come with a +2% boost on top of their base stats.

Players who owned heroes from the pre-ordered GEN 1 Hero Chests will receive access to Heroes Lineage Alpha which launches on July 22.

The opening of Heroes Lineage’s marketplace for non-fungible token (NFT) players and traders follows right after. Initially, it is accessible via web browser. It is open to trading NFT heroes, weapons, armors, jewels, and miscellaneous objects like scrolls, potions, and more. This gives players and traders more options to improve their NFTs’ value or earn $LINE, the official currency of the game’s ecosystem.

Interested players and investors can join the presale by visiting the Heroes Lineage website. They would need to connect their MetaMask crypto wallet.

In their whitepaper, Heroes Lineage claims to have a total of 300 billion supply of $LINE that is ready for business circulation. Half of this supply is available for gamers in the form of in-game rewards from player vs environment (PvE) missions, player vs player (PvP) tournaments, boss raids, and castle sieges. The remaining supply benefits the development team, listing, marketing and community, company, advisors, seed sales, and three Initial Exchange Offering (IEO) phases.

With the game’s main goal to collect and evolve heroes to their greatest potential, the presale serves as a great leap not only for the developers but also for the players.

“Whether you’re a hardcore gamer, a casual player, or just an investor, there’s room for you in Heroes Lineage,” says a quote in Heroes Lineage’s whitepaper.