The first play-to-earn (P2E) battle racing game, Penguin Karts, announced its partnership with the first NFT endless mobile runner game MetaRun via Twitter on June 17. Both teams look to create a system that lets their players interact across the two games.

Earlier in May, Penguin Karts revealed plans to partner with various game development teams and media outlets. They aim to create data aggression sites, media partners, guilds and metaverse avatar tools, as well as NFT projects. MetaRun is one of the many games listed to become a part of their large multiverse.

Penguin Karts is a mobile game that puts arcade kart racing within reach, plus an opportunity to earn crypto. Every in-game item is an NFT, making it tradeable in the game’s marketplace using $PGK token, the game’s currency. Aside from playing and trading, the game also features token staking. With it, gamers, traders, and gamblers have the chance to earn either actively or passively.

The game runs on web 3 connection and Ethereum blockchain. Through them, gamers can mint their 2D NFT Genesis Penguins and 3D NFT Penguins.

MetaRun, on the other hand, revolves around the users’ running characters that beat course obstacles for rewards. Player vs Players (PvP) is also another way to earn some. These said characters hold value, allowing the gamers and traders to earn the game’s native currencies $MRUN tokens and OPAL. With characters upgradeable, gamers can increase their value and profitability.

One distinct feature of the game is character leasing. This allows gamers to put their NFT characters up for rent. Needless to say, it is something that provides gamers another way to maximize the liquidity and utility of their NFT assets.

MetaRun uses Binance smart chain that’s up to the standards of BEP-20 token for processing $MRUN. Meanwhile, OPAL is a stable virtual currency that is mainly used within the game only and for various purposes. However, the game fixed it with a ratio of $US1:270. Gamers or traders can exchange it to $MRUN tokens through price oracles.

Given Penguin Karts and MetaRun’s ecosystems, the development of their upcoming project is something to look out for. The goal of the collaboration is to create a platform where users can interact with different games in ways never before possible. Both teams are excited about the possibilities this partnership brings, and they are committed to creating something truly amazing. More information about the project will be released in the near future.