Rebel Bots has recently announced that it will hold its first major land sale for Xoil Wars - its first game title. From May 23, you can buy lands on planet Xoilium for only $75 USDC each. Each NFT land comes with three free Fighting Bot NFTs so you can start playing Xoil Wars when the game launches. Their official website now displays the countdown to the LAND sale.

The event will see the sale of 150,000 NFT Lands, with 130,000 plots available to the public. 10,000 plots will be set aside for marketing and promotional purposes, while the final 10,000 NFT lands will be allotted for Generation 1 Rebel Bots NFT holders. The team reported that 3,000 unique users own all 10k Generation 1 Rebel Bots NFTs. You can play the game without this NFT, but if you own one, your kingdom will be more powerful than other kingdoms. The rarer your Rebel Bots NFT is, the more lands you control.

Nevertheless, Rebel Bots Xoil Wars will be accessible to any player who has bought at least 1 Land NFT, which comes with 3 Fighting Bot NFTs. Xoil Wars will allow players to earn in a number of ways. They can win Adventure and Multiplayer battles to get $XOIL tokens as prizes. They can also mint and sell Fighting Bot NFTs on the market. Finally, they can rank high on various leaderboards to win season rewards.

Players will also enjoy an immersive gaming experience without having to worry about slow transaction speeds or high energy costs. Rebel Bots chose to build Xoil Wars on the Polygon blockchain network because it is a fast, efficient, and reliable proof-of-stake (PoS) based sidechain that scales Ethereum by executing transactions quickly with minimal energy and gas fees.

To prepare and fund your wallet for the land sale, follow this short tutorial created by the team. While there’s no limit to the parcels of land that every player can own, they can only be in one place at a time during the game. Players control their lands so they can choose to rent them out to those who want to enter the game at a lower cost.

With this upcoming sale, the Rebel Bots team is giving blockchain gamers a chance to get some of the most sought-after virtual assets in metaverse. For more information on how to purchase a plot of Xoilium land, check their official website, Discord and Twitter.